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    Let Small Business Safety take care of the technical aspects of safety management so that you can concentrate on what you’re good at.

    Firstly and fore mostly Small Business Safety ensures your business and employees are complying with the law. Acts and Regulations are written by lawyers for lawyers, have Small Business Safety professionally trained specialists audit your business to ensure you’re compliant.

    Implement risk mitigation, including methods to identify, rate and control the risks.

    Conduct a risk analysis of work premises.

    Conduct a risk analysis of work procedures.

    Incident investigations with actionable recommendations to ensure the same incident will never occur at your workplace again.

    Develop emergency procedures and conduct a risk analysis of the work premises if you move to a new location.

    Complete audit requirements to win tenders.

    Complete OSH reporting requirements and ensure compliance with clients OSH system.

    Offer FREE advice for any questions you have at any time.

    Develop training courses specific for your workplaces high risk activities.


    Small Business Safety has experience in a range of industries, including:

    • Mining Services
    • Construction
    • Civil
    • Engineering
    • Warehousing
    • Transport
    • Land Management
    • Farmers
    • Hospitality and Restaurants
    • Cleaning

    However we can cater to any small to medium business in any industry.


    Efficient business thrives, bureaucratic business is abusiness

    Low cost

    Low Cost to implement and Low Cost to operate

    Peace of Mind

    Leave the worry of safety behind to concentrate on

    Amend or Develop

    Start fresh or amend your existing systems