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    Leave the worry of safety behind to concentrate on running your business.

    Peace of mind

    Your business is your responsibility. More than anything else you want the employees who you care about to be safe within their workplace. Employ a safety system that you know will effectively protect your employees.

    The safety system developed by Small Business Safety is run by employees and overseen by management. Employees take ownership of the system, making it more likely they will follow the methods to mitigate risks that they have developed themselves. Leaving less paperwork and time spent by management on safety related matters.

    Protect your business from risk. The safety system employed identifies, monitors and mitigates risk effectively. This can include not only risk to personal safety, but to property, legal risk, financial risk and risk to your business’s reputation.

    Automated reminders allow you to focus on running your business instead of your mind diverting to safety administrative tasks that are due.

    Small Business Safety won’t dump paperwork on you for you to figure it out. The Small Business Safety consultant will spend time with yourself and employees, initially training employees, then taper off as employees take over and set the system in motion. The Small Business Safety Consultant will then attend a safety meeting at your workplace every three months to ensure the system is continually improving. Alternatively Small Business Safety can actively manage the administrative tasks required.


    Efficient business thrives, bureaucratic business is abusiness

    Low cost

    Low Cost to implement and Low Cost to operate

    Peace of Mind

    Leave the worry of safety behind to concentrate on

    Amend or Develop

    Start fresh or amend your existing systems