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    Efficient business thrives, bureaucratic business is a headache.

    Small Business Safety provides an efficient work health and safety management system by :

    • Implementing a concise safety solution tailored to your business.
    • Implementing the most efficient methods in hazard identification and mitigation first.
    • Cloud based system, which automates the administrative work.
    • Bottom up approach in identifying and mitigating risks, reducing management time required.
    • Reduced likelihood of workers compensation claims reducing wasted management time.
    • Increased retention of staff and improvement in employee morale.
    • Clear, easy to follow processes for the safety system.


    Efficient business thrives, bureaucratic business is abusiness

    Low cost

    Low Cost to implement and Low Cost to operate

    Peace of Mind

    Leave the worry of safety behind to concentrate on

    Amend or Develop

    Start fresh or amend your existing systems