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    Start fresh or amend your existing safety systems.

    Small Business Safety fields a lot of enquiries from business´s who have spent a lot of time and money developing a safety management system, but not many of the employees are engaging in the system, rendering it ineffective. In a lot of instances the manager doesn´t want to throw away all of the work developed so Small Business Safety will amend the existing documentation.

    Amendments include:

    • Removing unnecessary, ineffective paperwork.
    • Implementing the cloud based system to automate administrative tasks.
    • Improving communication methods.
    • Changing processes to improve participation.
    • Train employees to accept more responsibility and complete more safety tasks.


    Efficient business thrives, bureaucratic business is abusiness

    Low cost

    Low Cost to implement and Low Cost to operate

    Peace of Mind

    Leave the worry of safety behind to concentrate on

    Amend or Develop

    Start fresh or amend your existing systems