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    Small Business Safety is a cost effective safety consultancy service focused on effective, efficient and relevant work health and safety solutions for small to medium businesses.

    The world of Work Health and Safety (WHS) or Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) can be complicated and burden your business through increased bureaucracy. This doesn´t need to happen, Small Business Safety has a history of providing simple yet effective solutions for small to medium business (100 people or less) across a range of industries’ designed to improve the business´s efficiency and reduce costs.

    By implementing an effective safety system, frontline employees take ownership of identifying and mitigating risks, significantly reducing the likelihood of an incident occurring.


    Efficient business thrives, bureaucratic business is abusiness

    Low cost

    Low Cost to implement and Low Cost to operate

    Peace of Mind

    Leave the worry of safety behind to concentrate on

    Amend or Develop

    Start fresh or amend your existing systems